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Marrit van Nattem is an illustrator and painter from Rotterdam who graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy in 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in (Lifestyle) Design. From an early age she was already interested in drawing and combining colors, but by the time she got in touch with paint her whole world changed. That is when the snowball effect happened, her passion for creating painted art started to grow bigger and bigger and she flourished to the artist she is now.


Interiors and architecture are the key concepts which are forming the fundamental base of her inspiration. The simplicity, the simple lines and the passion for color are fascinating her, but what triggers her the most is how all these elements relate to each other and become full circle in her art works. With these elements in the back of her mind she creates abstract compositions that play with perception and perspectives.


An art work of Marrit is probably best described as an action painting, since her work is guided by her unconsciousness and coincidence and is therefor intuitive. She starts her work without having a prescheduled plan or any sketches of how the end result should be.